Gamez Aion

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Aion client version 5.0 full support

Credit system with webshop

Vote rewards

Best high rate PvP with hundreds of players

Battleground system

Arena of Discipline, Chaos, Harmony, Glory

Name change, gender switch, plastic surgery, legion name change

Reduced instance cooldown times

Seasonal event system

Friendly community and supportive staff

Plentiful and creative forum events to participate in

Channels, instances and crafting support

Private shops

Zone manager with drowning/breath area working

Lots of custom events hosted by active GMs

Player commands: .givemissingskills .fix (for unstuck) .gmlist .dye .bg (battlgrounds)

Weekly lotteries for credits

Play time to kinah exchange

And a lot more..

Project servers
Name Type Version Rates Online
Gamez Aion PvE v 4.6 x10 500
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