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ЕР - Х5

Квест-ЕР - Х5

Капли - Х5

Сбор-ЕР - Х5

Крафтинг-ЕР - х7

Крафт Крит - 30%

АП-пвп - х2

A small overview of Ariel's Features. Of course everything substantial is available.

Level-Up Rewards

Crafting level 399 with all skills

PvP-Battlegrounds with several modes

high number of players online

regular events

all instances fully implemented

Dredgion-System with adjusted rewards

improved raids due to adjusted opponents

Silver-/Gold-/Platinum-/Mithril-Medal Fountains (see also)

player commands:

.decompose to automatically decompose items without cooldown

.decrease to disassemble medals

.dropinfo to show possible drops of monsters

.noexp for Low-Lvl-PvP

und viele mehr

skilled support (ingame, as well as via our Ticket-System, TeamSpeak and the Forums)

straightforward contact to the team for concerns and improvement suggestions

Project servers
Name Type Version Rates Online
Ariel's PvP v 4.8 x5 1000
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